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About Me

I’m Mukta Narang, a certified Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and a Wellness Coach. Since the beginning I’ve always been passionate about coaching and mentoring. It started with my career as an academician at reputed universities and has now taken a more professional shape with knowledge and wisdom of powerful tools and techniques.

While dealing with my clients as a Wellness Coach, it felt like one big piece of  healthy lifestyle was missing. This missing piece was the tool to achieve the right mindset to reach the desired goals. It was then that I came across Marisa Peer and her amazing RTT school. The transformations that I saw here were so impressive that it felt that this is a powerful tool that I need to fulfil my passion and now mission to help as many people as possible to lead the most fulfilling life. After rigorous training and lot of hard work, I was certified as a Hypnotherapist and RTT Practitioner by RTT school.

Today I proudly say that I change lives for the better. It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to give back my clients the control of their lives so that they can steer it to achieve their goals. Everyone deserves a better life!


Personality Development

RTT can help you become the best version of yourself. It eliminates any blocks or inhibitions, which you might have in your mind. It will rewire your thoughts towards a successful and fulfilling life.

Stress Management

Our stress management tools and techniques reduce the stress and its negative impacts on your mental or physical well-being. Benefit from a highly transformational combination of a RTT session followed by necessary support aimed at controlling your stress levels!


Management of addictions can be tricky. Defeat and overcome addictions and anxiety without any medication. We help you overcome addictions by rewiring your mind, and addressing the core problem instead of the symptoms.

Fear and Phobias

Overcome fears and phobias, rewire your brain with RTT. We help you identify the root cause of your fear and phobia, uncover the limiting beliefs, and rewire your brain with the most positive thoughts, freeing you of inhibitions.

Why Journey to Mindful Life?

At Journey to Mindful Life, we provide Rapid Transformational Therapy that relies on special techniques to communicate with the subconscious mind and fix the limiting beliefs that are stopping you to lead your dream life.

You don’t need a lot of sessions or even weekly visits. With the right therapist and approach, you can become free of problems like depression, anxiety, all addictions, confidence issues, fears and phobias quickly.

You can even have the sessions from the comfort of your home, via zoom. So location is never a constraint for us.

Besides the session, we provide you with a personalized audio hypnosis recording which you listen everyday for 21days. This trains your mind and installs new empowering beliefs deep in your subconscious level. Thus this becomes your new normal.

We do a follow-up with you after a week and then 21days and offer you necessary support to get you the transformation you deserve.

Corporate, Adult and Child Therapies

Corporate hypnotherapy

it is seen that the productivity of a company is directly related to the attendance of staff both physically and mentally. These days, especially post covid era, most companies find it difficult to keep their employees motivated. Employees are experiencing a lot of mental stress and burnouts. RTT can give amazing results for teams which lack motivation to achieve their targets and the best part is that we can do this in a group session for overall wellness and wellbeing of the employees.

Adult hypnotherapy

As adults, we always work towards a better version of ourselves and that is what we offer. To achieve our goals, we need to align our mind and body. We keep on struggling with mental blocks. These issues could be endless like sleeping disorders, stress, anxiety, depression, procrastination, lack of self-confidence, anger issues, addiction, grief, trauma, and many more. Don’t just treat the symptoms of your problems, get to the root of it and remove it with RTT.

Child hypnotherapy

Most of our beliefs are formed at a very young age and then we act as per them our whole life. Imagine how wonderful it will be to catch the limiting beliefs at an early age and then avoid all the struggle for the rest of our life. We can work on various issues at an early age, above 8years on various issues like performance anxiety, exam stress, stage fear, nail biting, confidence, self esteem, eating disorders, social anxiety or any unwanted habit or behavior.

How RTT can help you?

We eliminate barriers in your mind to assist you unlock the best in you.

We combine aspects of hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT and psychotherapy to offer rapid results. RTT was developed more than 30 years by the British therapist Marisa Peer, who claims phenomenal success helping people overcome all kinds of challenges, including physical health issues, depression, anxiety, weight management, fears and phobias.

Adapt a holistic approach which Transforms You!


    Hear what others have to say!

    Mukta has everything a hypnotherapist should have – she is a good listener, knows how to ask precise and clear questions that give you clear answers. All the answers are within us, but if you’ve been in some weird state for too long and you can’t find a way out of it – Mukta will help you by guiding you to understanding of yourself. Mine issue was motivation (lack of it), and even though on every day level I understand my life and my experiences – there is a wonderful place during the session where everything falls into place… Mukta will meet you there.
    And then, you have everything you need for a new beginning, a new way of life and new choices!


    Mukta is a fantastic therapist. During the session I felt that she truly cares and does her best to give me the best possible therapy session. She is very dedicated and knowledgeable and I felt like I was in the best hands. She definitely changed my life for the better. I was able to truly understand the root cause of my issue and the transformational recording was exactly what I needed. It was perfect and amazing and I am beyond thankful for her.


    Dear Mukta,
    I have suffered from myself-distrustful issues since my childhood.
    Thank you so much for the healing you have given me that has resulted in my complete recovery.
    The experience was life- changing.I feel like I now have the necessary tools to help me deal with my daily routine along with the toll that life takes on!


    I’m most happy and so very grateful to Mukta and the session we did together. Through the session, I went deeply inside of myself and being guided by Mukta, I was able to introspect. My heart is so full of gratitude, joy and appreciation for Mukta and the work we did together because thanks to her I was able to put the past in the past and now I’m free, eager, inspired and empowered to create everything that I want in my life having full faith that when I ask, I always receive.
    Thank you so much, Mukta. I can’t thank you enough for your help. May God bless you always!